Monday, July 18, 2016

Pokémon Go Server Status [New Updated]

Guys, you know Pokémon Go Server sometimes has gone down. Here is is full and ultimate Pokémon Go Server Status list. Pokémon Go servers keep on going up and down all the time because of massive number of players it has and for which Niantic was not prepared at all, but if your game is not working and you're getting worried than you might need to check out if the servers are up or not, we would suggest you to bookmark this page and keep on checking if the servers are up or down as we update this list in real time. In below, all sever status are listed.

here is full Pokémon Go Server Status

Pokémon Go Server Status:

United States ✓108ms

United Kingdom ✓108ms

Australia ✓108ms

Canada ✓109ms

Spain ✓108ms

Germany x Down from 2 hours!

Portugal ✓108ms

Italy x Down from 25 mins!

Netherlands ✓108ms

New Zealand ✓108ms

Other Regions ✓110ms

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